I'm Victoria Maybee. 

Yes that may, perhaps, possibly be my real last name. 

A lover of sunshine and the colour pink, I grew up wanting to become one thing and one thing only; a piglet. These snout faced cuties had everything I could ever need - outdoor living, snuggles with their pals and people looking at them with love and adornment. Turns out human children can not grow up into piglets, so my goals were eventually forced to shift. 

My new goals revolve around seeing as much of the world as possible and sharing the lessons I learn along the way. 

In 2015 I set out to the West Coast of Canada with minimal savings and maximum wanderlust. The gorgeous town of Whistler became my home for 10 short months. The first of many travels to come, Whistler showed me the value of getting out of my comfort zone and diving into the unknown. 

Come 2016, I decided to up the ante and began a year long working holiday in Australia. From the moment I first laid eyes on a koala in the zoo, I knew that I would one day call Aus my home. Since arriving down under, I've learned countless lessons that I know can help other travellers who find themselves in a bind. 

Cheers to curiosity, creativity and crushing that familiar existence we call a comfort zone. 


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