Vietnam, You're Very Important to Me

I’m an absolute sucker for an inspirational quote. You know the obnoxious kind you find clogging up Insta feeds and slathered all over stationery?

Yah I eat that shit up.

Due to popular demand, I have stopped posting these on my personal account. I do, however get to post them on my multiple work Insta’s and that my friends is called, compromise.

Anywho, I saw one last week that resonated…

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 1.32.39 PM.png

decide what kind of life

you actually want,

then say “no”

to everything

that isn’t that

It’s got a nice ring to it, it gets a good point across about priorities, but more than that - it speaks to something I’ve been guilty of - burying my potential. While most people won’t read it this way - it makes me think of the things I desire most in my life and makes me realize I’ve been ignoring them. The life I could have, but don’t.

I’ve got a great life, but it could be greater.

A lot of people I meet assume that being a solo traveller / digital nomad / means I’ve got heaps of confidence to throw around. I totally get where that conclusion comes from. After all, I’m living a life built around escaping the norm and fleeing the comforts of home.

BUT the truth is, I’ve spent a buttload of the last 6 months feeling lost.

Lost, in a physical sense (obviously, considering I have the sense of direction of a blindfolded two year old) but also in a less literal way.

Since I started this journey, I’ve held myself back.

I’ve spent many Friday nights lying in a private room - avoiding social situations. I’ve written a bunch of honest blog posts only to delete them hours later. I’ve been at the edge of diving into this lifestyle and choosing to stay on the shore. I’ve been hesitant to even use the term “Digital Nomad” to describe myself.

I’ve been sceptical to make myself the main character in my own life.


Those that know me well, know I naturally worry WAY too much about what other people think. Not in the typical “please everyone love me” sense, more in a “please don’t think I’m full of myself” kind of way.

It’s something I’m grateful to be growing out of every single day.

I recently had the privilege of spending 10 days travelling with a former housemate of mine. On a particularly pensive evening, I remember opening up to her and trying to explain this feeling. I told her I felt responsible for limiting myself and not fully embracing the opportunity of a lifetime. I told her I really wanted to put myself out there and start doing more. More socializing, more risk-taking and more with this blog.

She asked what it was I was afraid of? Why would I hold myself back when I’m at one of the most amazing chapters in my life. Why would I have a blog I loved yet keep it to myself? Why was I scared of sharing content and connecting with the digital nomad culture?

I paused.

“"I’m afraid of coming off like I think I’m “all that…””

She sighed.

“But Vicky… you ARE all that.”

After that conversation I went outside.

I did some yoga and meditated on it. Sitting under a warm evening breeze facing a beautiful rice paddie, it hit me. I’m done fighting with fear of opinions. The people who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter. (Second Hallmark quote = TICK).

With that out of the way, I wanted to thank Vietnam. I’ve got big plans for you and I. Stay tuned…

New website coming soon.